Best Practice

Project management best practice reminds us that if we successfully initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close out our projects, our metrics will illustrate better results.

10 Early Signs Your Project's a Failure

Ten warning signs that say your project has underestimated what is needed for success-with consequences that damage the final outcome and benefits.

How to Finish Strong on Your Projects

It is one thing to finish a project but quite another to finish strong. By employing these activities and strategies, you'll finish every project strong.

Keeping Tabs on Projects

Projects have a lot of moving parts. When you throw multiple projects into the mix, as most organisations do, then knowing where projects stand is essential.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Project Meeting Is Worthwhile

Worthwhile meetings - meaningful, accurate, timely, efficient, productive - all the ingredients that go into what most of us would consider a good meeting.

How to Avoid 12 Common Mistakes in Project Management

A back-to-basics look at why so many organisations run projects poorly, with twelve common mistakes in project management and how you can avoid them.

What Do Best Practices Mean to You?

There are likely almost as many best practices as there are project managers in the world. These are a few of the 'core' project management practices.

5 Best Practices for Effective Project Management - Part 2

Are you just going through the motions on your projects? To keep your customers coming back for more, you will need to be creative and dedicated.

5 Best Practices for Effective Project Management - Part 1

This article considers a few best practice litmus tests to perform (if only in your head) to make sure you are delivering well on every project.

Cutting Through the Chaos

Where should we focus our effort to improve the performance of IT projects? The Standish Group has identified 10 areas in their Chaos Manifesto 2013.

Running in Chaos

Having ridiculous timelines not only leads to chaos, but also bad practice, more chance of errors and burnout of staff, so what can be done?

When the Project Gets Shelved

A three-step approach to take if your project gets temporarily shelved, whether it's a two-week or two-month restart window.

How to Successfully Kick-off the Project Engagement

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, or to successfully kick-off a project engagement. This list will help you get the project started off right.

Why Throwing Resources at a Project Won't Save It

Many project managers believe extra resources make all the difference between a project success and failure. But can extra resources rescue a poorly managed project?

How Accurate is Your Actual vs. Planned Time and Costs?

The ability to plan effectively is crucial for professional services firms operating in billable markets such as accounting, consultancy and law.

5 Key Components of a Project You Need to Get Right

The most important factors that contribute to a project being completed successfully can be broadly broken down into five areas.

Executive Initiatives Require a Project President

If companies want to improve their performance in the execution of initiatives they should take a serious look at restructuring project steering committees.

Top Tips for Effective Project Management

Six top tips for project management success to help you avoid the last minute 'all hands to the pump'.

What Are Project Health Checks?

The Health Check is a reflective learning exercise, a snapshot of project or programme status used to identify what is going well and areas for improvement.

Giving Projects a Clean Bill of Health

IT-led business change programmes and projects continue to fail, yet many of the common pitfalls can easily be avoided by undertaking regular health checks.

The Project Go/No-Go Checklist

Many project managers put an implementation or cutover plan together yet fail to carryout the rigorous analysis to determine whether they should proceed.

The Project Value Proposition: How Good is Yours?

In a competitive business environment, projects with the best value proposition get funded. So how can you emphasise the value proposition of your project?

5 Reasons to Kill a Project

We all want to deliver successful projects. But sometimes the right thing to do is to stop a project. When is this the right choice?

Cutting-Edge Project Management: What Game Theory and Poker Can Teach Us

As project management grows around the world and becomes increasingly commoditised, more specialisation will be necessary to secure the best opportunities.

Four Keys to Project Integration Management

Integration management is the knowledge area that includes processes needed to ensure all project components are co-ordinated to achieve project goals.

The Six Principles of Project Management

The six principles of project management transitions easily to any type of project or initiative you are trying to effectively implement.

10 Golden Rules for New Project Managers

Today dozens of new project managers will start their first project, a daunting prospect. Here are my tips for surviving life as a project manager.

Project Management as Sunscreen: How to Avoid Getting Burned

If you're working on a team where the temperature is rising, make sure you use your Project Management skills to protect yourself and keep your project on track.

5 Goals Every Project Manager Should Aspire to Achieve

If you can meet these five goals for each project, you will achieve project and professional success.

Top Three Causes of Project Failure

The top three causes of project failure, which if addressed will greatly increase the chances of project success.

Establishing Project Management Best Practice: Where Do You Start?

A step-by-step guide to establishing project management best practice in your organisation, starting with a discussion of what best practice is.

10 Principles of Good Project Management

This article details ten solid principles of project management that are crucial to achieving your goals.

Successful Project Management: Eight Simple Steps to Follow

As projects become more complex and critical to business performance, improve your chances of success by following these eight simple steps.

A Simple Plan for Improved Project Results and Increased Maturity

How to establish common project processes that can be adopted throughout your organisation, providing better performance and tangible results.

Seven Key Principles of Project Management

If you're looking for guidance to help you manage your project with added confidence, then this article will help you.

What Mismanaging Small Projects Will Cost You

Are you winging small projects using status emails and Excel spreadsheets to manage them? If so, you could be making a great mistake.

The Seven Essentials of Highly Successful Project Initiations

Project Initiation is that critical stage of a project where information about how the project will be delivered must be laid down.

Project Management Kick Off Meetings: What is the Point?

Why slow down a project when it needs quick delivery? What is the real benefit of having a kick off meeting and what is a kick off meeting anyway?

Effective Project Management: Five Laws that Determine Success

Every year countless projects hit trouble for the same reasons. Why? Because the fundamental principles that determine project success are not being respected.

A Practical Approach to Project Management

Keep it simple! A successful project comes with great leadership, not lengthy and unwieldy project management processes.

The Three Ps of Project Management

This article discusses the 3 Ps of project management. They are broken down and reviewed to provide an understanding of what needs to be addressed for project success.

Do You Know Where Your Project Is?

Projects are ultimately about making an organisation stronger and better, and that means it's important to make sure you're choosing the right projects.

Avoiding Project Management Pitfalls

Common pitfalls that projects experience and some tips to help make a project more successful and avoid the potential for chaos.

Ten Tips for Running Successful Projects

Successful projects don't just happen. They require structured planning, insightful management and good interpersonal skills. Use these ten tips to help make your next project a winner.

Top Tips for Project Implementation

In an increasingly fast paced world, clients want project implementation to be quicker and less intrusive. It's a tough thing to achieve because implementing a business solution is not a straightforward process.

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Execute…Or Be Executed: Avoiding the Project Management Guillotine

Any project manager who's been around the block a few times has experienced a visit to the project management guillotine. Avoid a trip by keeping these simple tips in mind.

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The 3 Ps of PPProject Management

This article is about presentation, planning and processing; the three cornerstones of project management and important elements of a successful project.

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How to Deliver Project Status

This article recommendations how to deliver project status to management and the project team that you will hopefully find to be very effective.

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How to Report Status on a Project

Very few people know how to report status on a project, even when they are expert project managers. The problem? Most don't understand the perspective of a manager who is being reported to.

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21 Project Management Success Tips

These 21 project management tips won't guarantee success, but they will help you get a solid handle on your project and ensure that you're doing all you can to make it succeed in an unpredictable world.

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Let's Make Those Project Meetings More Effective

Meetings are important, but are they always productive? Help make sure your meetings are productive with these nine golden rules for effective meetings.

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Get Maximum Benefits of Merging Top-down and Bottom-up Project Management

Nowadays, the bottom-up approach to project management is becoming more and more popular. More and more, organisations are abandoning the top-down project management style.

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Having a Robust Governance Process

Project management needs robust monitoring and control processes. We should actively monitor and control our projects from business case through to closure.

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Technology Vendor Contracting: Breaking the Mould

Better technology vendor negotiations produce better contracts for technology projects, and better contracts produce better project outcomes.

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The Purpose of Project Management and Setting Objectives

Effective objectives in project management are specific. A specific objective increases the chances of leading to a specific and successful outcome.

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When Do I Turn on Project Management?

The problem with project management and IT is that all too often, project management is an afterthought on a project.

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Project Management Basics

Understanding how projects should be managed or by the book methodology is a good reference guide and tool for everyone.

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Setting Measurable Project Objectives

When forming project objectives DISCO can be spelled out to point us in the proper direction for creating meaningful objectives and tracking their progress.

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Let Project Management Boost the Bottom-Line

The top five ways that you as a project manager can help to boost that bottom-line and become a valuable player in financial discussion.

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Developing a New Project Scorecard

How to develop a project scorecard to measure the success of your projects in terms of implementing organisational strategy.

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Real World Project Management: Procurement Management

All organisations have their approach to procurement. As project manager, you need to understand your organisation's approach and then follow the rules to get the stuff you need.

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A Project Management Primer: Basic Principles - Scope Triangle

The scope triangle illustrates the relationship between three primary forces in a project - time, cost and quality.

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Controlling Project Costs Through Interactive Planning

If time is money, keeping a project on budget requires utilising the project's estimate, schedule, cost forecasting and earned value systems interactively.

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Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to Project Management

This article outlines a simple beginners guide to project management that will help in organising projects and their participants.

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7 Steps to Project Success

A seven step procedure to manage projects from inception to success. It guarantees the best chance of achieving maximum project benefits.

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How to Keep a Design Project Moving

Seven tips to keep your design project moving by goal setting, involving the decision makers, engaging your team and estimating accurately.

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Tips for Project Management Success

Four tips for achieving project management success that have stood the test of time. If you contemplate these suggestions you may discover new insights that lead to greater project success.

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Project Management As it Ought to Be

Project management can't be accomplished by following a formula or using the right system. The systems and the software only make the job easier; they aren't the elements of success.

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Flexible Project Management

Most technical design projects could theoretically be completed in half the time if they were managed perfectly and there was no rework required.

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5 Tips for Successful Projects

Best practice project management reminds us that if we successfully initiate, plan, execute and close out our projects our metrics will illustrate greater results.