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Strategies for Balancing Deadlines and Team Management in Q4

| By Nick Thomson

How can you plan Q4 to manage your company's deadlines better while also maintaining the momentum and progress of your team?

15 Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Scaling Your Business

| By Milan Saha

IT staff augmentation is a process of hiring additional IT professionals on a temporary basis to work alongside an organisation's existing IT team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Project Management

| By Duncan Haughey

10 project management questions from popular user site searches on the Project Smart website and feature highly in Google searches related to project management.

5 Tips for Success When Pitching Projects to International Companies

| By Leah Collins

Pitching your project to potential customers inevitably comes with mixed feelings. Here are 5 tips for nailing pitches to international companies.

5 Ways to Utilise Tech to Better Connect Across Projects

| By Leah Collins

A lack of collaboration is among the top reasons projects are delayed and deadlines are missed. Here are 5 ways you can use technology to enhance team collaboration.

What is the Difference Between Goals, Aims and Objectives?

| By Duncan Haughey

In any endeavour, being able to distinguish between your goals, aims and objectives is crucial to your success. What's the difference between the three?

Managing Hidden Project Costs for Better ROI

| By SoftServe

The most common argument for outsourcing is cost savings. In the face of the current economic climate, cost figures largely in outsourcing IT projects.

PRINCE2 Fiction an Easier Way to Learn the Methodology

| By Alexei Kuvshinnikov

PRINCE2 fiction is a new type of study aid that combines a fictional plot with the explanation of PRINCE2 concepts.

IT Project Governance and PRINCE2 Project Management

| By Alan Calder

PRINCE2 project management is one of the world's leading methodologies for ensuring that IT projects stay on track and deliver real value.

How Can Businesses Manage Finances Amid A Crisis?

| By Leah Collins

Do you want to know more about how your business can manage finances amid hard times? Then read this article to figure out many possible solutions.

Is Project Management a Good Career Choice?

| By Duncan Haughey

Project management can be both challenging and rewarding, but what should you consider when thinking about a career in project management?

The Death Of Scope Creep: Agile Project Management

| By Duncan Haughey

As agile methodologies have become popular, has scope creep declined or is it still a problem for project managers?

How to Perform a Project Handover

| By Duncan Haughey

How to conduct a project handover to ensure continuity without the change of project manager disrupting the project.

The 6 Project Management Trends You Need to Know

| By Duncan Haughey

The important trends shaping the project management profession today that will continue shaping it well into the future.

Have Trouble Finding Developers? Try These 5 Suggestions

| By Allison Dretzin

Here are 5 suggestions to help you find and hire the best A-level developers - before your rivals!