Business Case

The business case records the justification for starting a project. It describes the benefits, costs and impact, plus a calculation of the financial case.

Getting to Project Approval

A look at the groundwork and steps needed to effectively pitch your project and get it approved.

Building a Business Case for Your Project

To get stakeholders or management to approve your project, you will need to build a solid business case. Here are the basic steps for creating a quality business case.

The Meat of a Business Case

Writing a business case is a crucial component in the business process. This article covers the important components in a business case.

The Nuts and Bolts of Preparing a Business Case

Getting stakeholders to buy into your business case can be difficult. This article highlights what is needed to ensure you prepare an effective business case.

3 Key Components of an Effective Business Case Study

The purpose of a case study is to tell a success story, which explains its appeal as a marketing tool. The persuasiveness of a business case study depends on its credibility.

Building a Business Case as the Foundation for Project Success

Detailed steps for establishing a solid business case to ensure project success and maximise the results from investments made in money and resources.

Five Steps to a Winning Business Case

Building a winning business case. It's just about the best first step you can take to a successful project. Learn how with this five step methodology.

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Writing an Unbeatable Business Case

A project brief describes what needs to be done. The project plan explains how you are going to do it. The business case gives the reasons why.

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