The Personal Management Handbook by John Mulligan

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The Personal Management Handbook - How to make the most of your potential by John Mulligan (Human Potential Resource Group University of Surry)

Hi, This is the first book in this series of practical question and answer books on management.

This book is targeted at managing your career and is crammed full of practice advice on solving day-to-day problems that you may face.

This book helps you to:
Set and reach new achievement targets.
Find a more positive self-image.
Improve your memory and concentration.
Develop powers of creative thinking.
Be more effective in difficult situations.
Communicate more clearly.
Influence those who matter the most.

As a first reference book this is great, there are numerous practical answers to everyday problems that a manager may come across and though the examples are quite short they are very comprehensive and I like the fact that the subject matter has not been padded out to give the book volume.

This book forms another great reference guide on a wide range of subject matter and is definitely a great first step that will encourage you to delve deeper into to reading more comprehensive books on the management areas that you may feel that you have a weakness in.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth
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