SCRUM Project Management - K.H. Pries and J.M. Quigley

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"Scrum Project Management", from K.H. Pries and J.M. Quigley is not intended as a reference tome for the technique. It is a hands-on guide to the technique as seen from the cutting edge implementation.

There are several key topics covered including:
  • Why SCRUM?
  • Introduction to SCRUM
  • Integration with traditional project management approaches such as Waterfall
  • Organisational items, SCRUM of SCRUMs, integration with Matrix organisations, etc.
  • Application of SCRUM to Defence, Six Sigma, Education, Service industries
So, for those new to this iterative development approach, the basics are covered as it progresses through why it can be used, how it can be integrated with other approaches and finally it's application.

For me, the integration with other approaches is of particular interest as I often mix different task management approaches. The authors also cover and explain the various SCRUM components and tools such as burndown charts, product/sprint backlog practices and team roles.

I wrote a more complete review at SCRUM Project Management Book Review
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