Key questions to ask your offshore software development team

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If you want to enhance your team with skilled developers, partnering with an offshore development company could be the solution. But before you seal the deal, you must ask the right questions to ensure you're working with the right partner. Here are some great examples of questions you should ask:

How will they identify your needs?

It's important that the offshore software company understands your goals and researches your business needs before drafting a proposal. They're probably not the right fit if they can't identify your needs.

What are their rates, and how do they charge?

While affordability is important, so is quality. Make sure you assess which offshore partner provides the highest value for your business. Get specific about quotes, timelines, and unforeseen costs during the project to avoid hidden expenses.

How does their recruitment process work?

Offshoring is often due to a talent shortage, so make sure your offshore partner can guarantee access to the best talent. Ask about their recruitment process and cultural compatibility values, and even request a portfolio of the teams they've built.

How long does it take to build a team?

An experienced offshore partner can give you a rough estimate based on developers' availability, project complexity, and required technical expertise. If the company is uncertain about timelines, it could result in a significant capital loss.

Who handles administrative and legal activities?

Your offshore partner should be your trusted advisor, handling all administrative and legal activities, recruitment, and workstation set-up and providing regular updates about your team.

You can analyse their problem-solving abilities, dedication, and punctuality by answering these questions. A meticulous hiring process increases the chances of hiring the most qualified tech talent in the industry.
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