How to choose the right talent for your ODC team

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As the core of your product development, an offshore development centre enables easy collaboration with your engineers at home and fuels innovation. However, sourcing talent in another country requires a deep understanding of the local market. To stay competitive and generate new ideas for your customers, partnering with an ODC team builder is your best bet.

Building an ODC team with these seven essential steps is easy, so let's look!

1. Finding the right talent to build your team
Create a team of tech experts with top-notch skills and experience. Partner with a reputable offshore team builder who will help you source candidates based on your specific programming language and tech stack requirements.

2. Testing logic and analytical skills
Assess candidates' problem-solving skills with a range of tests that challenge them to apply their logic and analytical skills. Your offshore partner can help you administer these tests based on your specific needs.

3. Evaluating technical know-how
Measure candidates' technical abilities with a one-day in-office assessment, evaluated by technical experts from diverse backgrounds. Let your offshore partner arrange the assessment in the chosen location.

4. Solving mock assignments
The shortlisted candidates should undergo a three-day home project to demonstrate their ability to solve problems and architect solutions. This will reveal how well they can handle real-world challenges.

5. Screening for personality fit
Conduct a thorough screening to understand the candidate's personality, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Since these engineers will be full-time employees, ensure they are a good match for a long-term ODC team rather than just a short-term project.

6. Cultural compatibility check
Discuss with the candidate whether they are an excellent cultural fit for your business. This will help them integrate seamlessly into your team.

7. Final elite engineer selection
Pick the best candidate from the list of elite engineers sourced and filtered by your offshore partner after a rigorous selection process. This final interview is where you make your decision, so choose wisely!

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