Why Hiring Indian Programmers Should be the First Choice

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Offshoring is a huge industry that is emerging with a lot of scope in today’s digital world. The process helps a lot of companies to stay competitive and increase their ability to expand their market. Currently, India is foremost in handing top-notch offshore projects. Having a bright growth prospect and a massive youth population, India is the most preferred offshore hiring hub. To enhance their software technology to the next level, many companies are eagerly looking to hire Indian programmers, who have more experience. By hiring Indian programmers, many highest-funded software projects have become successful. So what are the reasons to hire a programmer from India?

1. Accessibility of Huge Talents

The lack of talented and skilled programmers is the real struggle behind hiring a developer with proper knowledge in the software field. There are a lot of talented programmers, but it’s hard to pick them and fill in the position. As already mentioned, India has a huge talent pool and these programmers are experts in their areas. By hiring Indian programmers into their team, businesses can access a vast pool of dedicated, skilled, and passionate developers.

2. Cost-Effective Services

This is one of the key benefits that is provided by India to the offshoring industry. Reports say that the IT spend of businesses can be decreased by about 20% to 30% by hiring Indian programmers for their custom software development needs. All the programmers and developers are well trained and constantly learn to upskill themselves. India’s average hourly rate of programmers is cheaper compared to other countries. Programmers in India are also known to be offering services round the clock. This boosts productivity and ensures that there are on-time deliverables.

3. Second-Largest English Speaking Country in the World

Indian IT companies have already adopted a global mindset where language is no longer a hurdle for Indian developers. The best programmers are demanded in this line of work. Geographical or cultural barriers are no longer there as there is high priority to the client’s requirements. So, hiring Indian programmers means having a highly talented, focused team whose work is at par with the industry standards.

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