What Is an Offshore Development Centre?

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Let’s start with the basics.

An offshore development centre is a strategic hub which focuses on gathering the best software developers for the hiring companies’ needs. This dedicated team works only for you and your projects at one time. Unlike freelancers, they are focused only on your organisation and software needs. These teams work fully remotely in various countries but have the capacity and training to work around time zone challenges.

By partnering with an ODC and hiring offshore software developers companies can tap into a large pool of global talent while cutting costs as most ODCs are rooted in countries with low cost of living rates. But these are only some advantages so let’s look at the rest:

Faster time to market - with a dedicated team working around the clock, businesses can accelerate their development timelines and get their products to market faster.

Scalability - ODCs provide the flexibility to scale teams up or down as needed, making sure that companies have the right resources in place at every stage of the project.

Access to cutting-edge technologies - ODCs are often at the forefront of new technologies, giving businesses a competitive edge in their industries.

Source: https://www.apsense.com/article/top-10-offshore-development-centres-in-2024.html
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