Doing Qualitative Research by David Silverman

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Now this is a really good book on qualitative research which when you give it serious consideration, it covers all of the methods project managers need to use for gathering information.

The book is aimed at novice researchers but is by no means a lightweight publication.

From the synopsis at the back of the book:
The book is written in a lively, accessible style, this step-by-step guide provides answers to all the questions students ask when beginning their first research project. Silverman demonstrates how to learn the craft of qualitative research by applying knowledge about different methods ot actual data. He provides practical advice on key issues, such as defining 'originality' and narrowing down a topic; keeping a research diary and writing a research report; and presenting research to different audiences.

Each stage in the research process is grounded in worked examples based on the experiences of real students, with exercises designed both to test reader’s knowledge and to encourage development of practical skills.

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I very much agree that "Doing Qualitative Research" by David Silverman is a great book, it is particularly useful for first year doctorate students. However, I have come across others than are more up to date and rather comprehensive. For example, I find Robert Yin's: "Qualitative Research from Start to Finish" a marvellous book. It covers a wide spectrum of issues including the whole process of Qualitative research from the Literature review to the research question, obviously with a light touch of epistemology. I highly recommend it.

It may be useful to start with Yin's book to grasp some of the fundamentals and then move on to Silverman's which actually deals in more detail with data handling techniques.
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