IT Project Management

IT project management is a sub-discipline of project management in which we plan, monitor, and control information technology projects.

15 Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Scaling Your Business

IT staff augmentation is a process of hiring additional IT professionals on a temporary basis to work alongside an organisation's existing IT team.

Have Trouble Finding Developers? Try These 5 Suggestions

Here are 5 suggestions to help you find and hire the best A-level developers - before your rivals!

8 Common Reasons Software Projects Fail and How to Succeed

Unsatisfactory project results have become an IT industry norm. It's time to address the critical reasons software projects fail.

Managing IT Projects Offshore: The Project Manager's Perspective

As an offshore project team member, do you know what your project manager expects of you? If not, read on.

Six Common Mistakes that Plague IT Projects

It doesn't really matter whether you espouse the Waterfall or Agile method, if you make these six common mistakes, your project will likely fail.

Avoiding Stone Age Practices in the Age of the Internet

Why do companies continue repeating tragically avoidable mistakes, hamstringing themselves with the same ludicrous errors their competitors are also making?

Project Management and Its Impact on IT Project Success

When dealing with IT projects, using specialised project management techniques will be very beneficial to your progress leading to a higher success rate.

Five Essential Elements for Successful Software Development

To join the ranks of the professional coder, several elements need to be in place. This article explores five best practices for successful software development.

Waterfall Software Development: The Illusion of Risk Management

Building a computer system is akin to driving down a country lane at night; the driver can only ever see as far as her headlights allow.

Understanding the Software Development Process

The software development process has undergone drastic changes over the years. Avoid the common obstacles and plan for a successful project.

The Top 5 Wrong Reasons For Not Hiring Testers

Considering whether or not your software company should hire a dedicated team of testers? Here are the Top 5 Wrong Reasons why you shouldn't.

Planning More Effective Milestones in Web Design Projects

Most successful web design projects are organised into a system of milestones with each one representing a critical piece of the project. Milestones are simple in concept, but they can be tricky to nail down.

Successful Software Development: It's Not Rocket Science

Avoiding the common pitfalls of software development is not rocket science; it's simply a case of taking a few sensible measures.

Turn Your Customer's Needs into Successful IT Projects

Every IT project is driven by a business requirement; the hard part is translating that requirement into an end product that meets that business need.

The Curious Case of the CHAOS Report 2009

The CHAOS report shows that software projects now have a 32% success rate compared to 35% from the previous study in 2006 and 16% in 1994.

Managing Large Projects with Ease: 9 Pressure Reducers That Work!

Gain invaluable insight into how to manage the challenges inherent with large software development projects. An industry expert reveals proven strategies.

An Effective Design Walkthrough: A Step Towards Delivering the Best Design

Design walkthroughs, if done effectively, are one of the most powerful quality tools that designers can leverage to detect defects early.

What Is the Mission of Your Project?

The stakeholders in a project can have lots of different goals, but a software project is more than just the sum of its parts.

Your Project Does Have A Goal

Projects don't (or at the very least, really shouldn't) start because there are some developers sitting around twiddling their thumbs, with nothing to do.

Your Software Project Has No Goal

What is the goal of a software project? On Twitter I asked people what their thoughts were about the goal of software projects.

5 Reasons to Kill IT Projects

A survey of IT experts revealed 43% of their organisations had recently killed an IT project. Here are the top five reasons for terminating projects prior to completion.

Project Managers: The Value of Understanding Technology

What would happen if project managers took the time to truly understand how all of the technical pieces fit together on their IT projects?

Managers, Programmers, and Designers

Depending on the structure of your organisation, the project manager is most likely the person who interacts with the broadest range of stakeholders.

Considerations Before Soliciting Input for Your Content Management Project

When you manage a new project to streamline an organisation's website or to develop a new website, you must gather input from many people inside the organisation.

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How to Recruit an IT Project Manager

Project Smart's step-by-step guide to recruiting an IT Project Manager with 70 example interview questions.

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Build Versus Buy: Making the Right Decision

Many project teams have faced the time when they need to make a major decision. Should one custom build a solution, or buy an off-the-shelf product and customise it?

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Factors that Influence Project Management in Package Implementation Projects and Bespoke Projects

What are the differences that affect project management between a product or package implementation project and a bespoke or custom development project?

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Tips on Offshore Software Project Management

Follow these simple tips and give your offshore software project the best chance of success.

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The Beginning of the End: Defining Project Closure

How do you know when your part of the development race is over? Learn how to establish a clear finish line for your project.

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9 Steps to a Hassle Free and Effective Software Development Project

Following these nine steps may be the ultimate secret weapon to winning business and successfully delivering new easy-to-use software that meets and exceeds expectations.

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The Problem with IT Project Management

At the highest level of simplicity, all businesses need to manage only four resources in order to maintain success: money, people, technology and supplies.

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The IT Worker Shortage: Practical Considerations for Tech Buyers

The shortage of skilled IT workers is not like global warming. We are certain the worker shortage is real and we are definitely feeling its effects now.

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Managing An SEO Project

How to manage a search engine optimisation (SEO) project in order to increase revenue through one of your most prevalent channels, your website.

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Must Project Managers Be Technically Savvy?

To be an effective project manager, you must be capable of designing and developing the project solution or product yourself. True?

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Most IT Projects Fail. Will Yours?

Studies on project failure make depressing reading. They suggest that 75% of all US IT projects are considered to be failures by those responsible for initiating them.

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Eight Easy Steps to Managing Your Website Development

Managing your website development need not cause you sleepless nights, providing you learn the secrets of successful project management.

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Effective Management of E-Commerce Projects

You may be tempted to manage the e-commerce project yourself and to use the consulting firm's developers as extensions of your own staff, try to resist the urge.

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The Waterfalls And Rapids Of IT Projects - Can Project Managers Survive Them?

There are a number of problems with both the traditional and RAD methods of controlling custom and complex IT projects.

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Better Behaviour For More Effective IT Development Projects

How well-equipped do you feel to carry out an IT development project? Do you get the best from your team and engage your stakeholders to reach a satisfactory conclusion?

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Avoiding the Duplicate Application Trap

Experience and research suggest spending on unnecessary duplication consumes a large proportion of IT budgets. So, how can we avoid this waste?

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Managing IT Projects: Theory or Practice?

What is the best approach for successfully managing IT projects, knowing the theory or applying your experience?

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Successful Projects: It's Not Rocket Science

Avoiding the common pitfalls of IT project management is not rocket science; it is simply a case of taking some sensible measures.