Lessons Learned

The purpose of lessons learned is to bring together any insights gained during a project that project managers can apply to future projects.

The Project Management Time Machine

You don't need a time machine to learn from the past. What tips do you have for your younger self to prevent past project mistakes?

Has Your Project Jumped the Shark?

It's no fun when we fail. But we can learn from it. Find out the top three signs that your project likely cannot be saved.

Documenting Lessons Learned: What Have You Learned?

Lessons learned can make all the difference on future projects and help them to succeed, but first, they must be documented correctly.

Learning from Project Failures

Some of the most important lessons we learn come from failures. Kenneth Darter explains a simple four step process to make sure the same failures aren't repeated.

How Lessons Learned Can Improve Project Processes

How to build a useful lessons learned database that can be used to continually improve project processes in just a few simple steps.

Capturing Those Lessons Learned

Capturing lessons learned from projects is key for any organisation. Do you capture your lessons learned? If you do, how effectively do you capture them?

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Why is 'Reflection' so Important to Project Lessons Learned?

Reflection is something we don't allow ourselves to experience because we are too busy getting to the next task, yet reflection is the very essence of success.

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Undertaking a Successful Project Audit

A project audit provides an opportunity to uncover issues, concerns and challenges encountered during the project lifecycle.

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Tips for Turning Lessons Learned into Best Practices

By incrementally capturing lessons learned and turning that hindsight into best practices you will achieve far greater long-term project success.

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Avoid the Same Old Mistakes by Focussing on Lessons Learned

It's said there are no new project management sins, just old ones repeated. It's also said that we don't learn the lessons from past projects and this must be true, otherwise why would we keep making the same old mistakes?

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Lessons Learned: Why Don't we Learn From Them?

Lessons learned are useful; time spent in doing the work better is time well spent. Getting it right the first time is cheaper and easier than doing it now and fixing it later.

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Project Management: Lessons From The Perfect Science - Hindsight

This article captures a number of common, "We should have - " as lessons for all managers to learn before their project fails to meet expectations. Prevention is much cheaper than cure.