Requirements Management

A critical part of any project is requirements management. If you are unsure about what will be delivered, how will you know when you get there?

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Why Requirements Management Is Essential for Project Management

By Manoj Patwardhan

Requirements management should be performed at every stage of the lifecycle - right from strategic analysis and planning to implementation and operations.

Reaping the Benefits of Good User Requirements

Creating good user requirements lead to better estimates, improved customer satisfaction, reduced cost and a shorter project duration. Here's how.

Move from Requirement to Execution in 4 Crucial Steps

As the team moves from requirements to executing tasks on the project, the scope and the requirements must be tracked using four crucial steps.

Carrying Out a Feasibility Study: How to Make a Smart Decision

A project starts with an idea, but how do we know whether it is possible or reasonable? Conducting a feasibility study will tell us whether the idea is viable.

But Is It Feasible? - How to Confidently Assess Project Feasibility

How do you determine whether a project is feasible? As the project manager, you might carry out a feasibility assessment before the project starts.

What Do You Do With a Scurvy Pirate?

How do we respond to the customer who says they know everything? The customer who says 'this is my problem, here's the solution, now manage this project?'

The Role of a Business Analyst

This article examines the multifaceted role of the Business Analyst and gives a depiction of the duties and skills required to embark on such a career.

Requirements Hurried…Project Buried

Innumerable studies have shown that Requirements Gathering is the single most important step in the Software Development Life Cycle.

Facilitating a Requirements Validation Meeting with Ease!

Ensuring that a requirements document is accurate, complete and fully supported by key stakeholders can be critically important. Consider these suggestions…

What is User Requirements Capture?

Find out how you can ensure your project meets the needs of your users, and balance internal business requirements with user requirements.

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Reduce Project Risk in the Requirements Process

Gathering and managing requirements are important challenges in project management. Projects succeed or fail due to poor requirements at any time throughout the project lifecycle.

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The Elements of a Good Feasibility Study

This article discusses the fundamental components of a Feasibility Study from project scope to final review.

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Project Requirement Needs For Success: Important Considerations

A company with poor requirements practices is just asking for over-budget costs and regular failure, according to a report by IAG Consulting.

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Requirements Gathering 101

Requirements gathering is an essential part of any project and a key project management skill. Read ten rules for successful requirements gathering.

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Use Case Diagrams: A PM's View

A project manager's view on managing requirements with Use Cases and the benefits of adopting the Unified Modeling Language in reducing future surprises and rework.