Risk Management

Risk management is a subset of project management that includes risk identification, risk quantification, risk response development and risk response control used to identify, analyse and respond to project risks.

Four Stages to Project Risk Removal

Even the most well-prepared project manager on the most well-planned project will end up dealing with risks. Dealing with any risk involves four key phases.

Managing the Risk Factor - Part 2

Outside factors may introduce risk to our project engagements. How we handle those factors could be the key to the success or failure of our projects.

Managing the Risk Factor - Part 1

No project in the history of managed projects has entered into existence without the presence of at least a few risks. Here's how to manage risks and protect your project.

Tracking a Risk

Risk management is a vital part of project management. Learn four key steps to help you evaluate and mitigate any risks on your project.

Project Management is Like a Box of Chocolates

When we are faced with unknowns - as we are on nearly every project we manage - how do we deal with them? How do we effectively react and move forward?

Shareholder Value at Risk is a Key Measure in Major Change Projects

Ask any programme sponsor what the biggest threats are to a major project and you'll get similar answers: a lack of leadership and not enough focus on business risk.

The Word on Risk

An examination of the terms used to describe risks and the way they are managed to shed some light on what they refer to and what they mean.

Project Risks and How to Identify Them

All projects are different and the best way of identifying potential risks is to call on the experience of past projects within the same field.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Risk Management

Risk management is the heart and soul of project management. Failing to practice it right can have fatal consequences on projects and programmes.

Project Risk: Is It All Bad?

Risk Management is an essential part of any programme or project and can vastly contribute to successful delivery.

The Principles of Risk Management

Every project manager and business leader needs to be aware of the practices and principles of effective risk management.

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Is Software Development Risk Costing You Money?

Poor software project management often means missed deadlines, cost overruns or even outright failure of the project. How can your company avoid this industry-wide problem?

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Ranking Risks: Rare to Certain, Negligible to Catastrophic

Risks your project or business is exposed to may be worth reviewing now more than ever to see which ones need more attention than others.

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10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management

The benefits of risk management in projects are huge. You can gain a lot of money if you deal with uncertain project events in a proactive manner.

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Project Management: Stakeholder Risk Management

What's the secret to risk management? Do it. Proactive, systematic risk management means finding the problems before they find you.

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Risk Management Options

Risk management is an ongoing process to identify potential problems that could arise when new projects occur within a business.

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Your Risk Management Process: A Practical and Effective Approach

A risk management process does not have to be complicated, following a simple seven step approach at the beginning of each project, the project team can prepare for whatever may occur.

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Project Risk Management: It's Either Contingency Planning Now or Emergency Relief Later

Proper project risk management entails more than simply identification and analysis at the beginning of a project.

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The Risky Business of Project Management

It is important at the beginning of any project to go through the risk identification process. Not all project risks are obvious, so here's how.

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The Top Five Software Project Risks

A look at the top five software project risks identified in 'Waltzing with Bears' and how they have solutions rooted in Agile methods.

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Project Management: Risk Management

Risk management is the art of assessing and managing risk, while working on projects in the workplace.

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Reducing Risk and Increasing the Probability of Project Success

IT systems are at the heart of modern business and the development of new software applications and maintenance of existing systems are critical to productivity and profitability.

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Project Risk Management

Nobody likes to think about what may go wrong in a project, but to ignore risk management means that you increase the likelihood of an unnecessary failure.

If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter what business you're in, it's a risky business.
Gary Cohn