Six Sigma

Six Sigma projects can be defined as the process through which companies are able to reduce defects and improve the quality of business processes.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a rigorous, focused and effective implementation of proven quality principles, incorporating elements from the work of many quality pioneers.

10 Essential Characteristics of an Effective Six Sigma Practitioner

Looking to hire a Six Sigma practitioner? Here are the top ten characteristics you need to look out for, according to Sudeshna Banerjee.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lean Six Sigma

Despite Lean Six Sigma being around for over twenty years, it is remarkable that a significant number of companies and individuals still don't know what it is.

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Why and How to Add More Value to Six Sigma Project Charters

Six Sigma project charters are basically blueprints of the targeted Six Sigma quality improvement initiative and through them, management communicate the exact Six Sigma implementation roadmap.

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Why Is Six Sigma So Effective?

The scientific tools and techniques contribute a lot towards the success of Six Sigma improvement projects, but they cannot be taken as the sole factors responsible for Six Sigma's effectiveness.

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Optimising Six Sigma Project Selections

To bring about a successful process, your Six Sigma project should be disciplined and defined. Here are three steps that can be incorporated for a profitable process.

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Integrating Project Management Into a Six Sigma System

To ensure maximum benefits are realised from projects, businesses need to integrate Project Management with Six Sigma using the standard DMAIC process.

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Reducing Cycle Time for Six Sigma Projects

Six Sigma has certainly helped organisations to improve efficiency and quality, but just like any other quality-improvement concept, it is not completely free from limiting factors.

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DMAIC And Project Planning

The DMAIC framework is an essential guide to process improvement projects used by Six Sigma Black Belts and has found favour with many management experts.

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How to Initiate a Six Sigma Project

Although one cannot have a project-specific vision right from the very beginning of a Six Sigma initiative, you can develop a comprehensive viewpoint.

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Defining Six Sigma Projects

All Six Sigma projects need to be clearly defined. Here's how to use a charter to make defining your Six Sigma project quick and painless.

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Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

If the Six Sigma project you are implementing is huge how can you get it done in a reasonable timeframe? A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can help and here's how.

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The Difference Between Typical Project Management and Six Sigma Project Management

Six Sigma is not just another project management initiative or process improvement programme, it is a robust continuous improvement strategy and process.

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Six Sigma Terminology

A comprehensive glossary of Six Sigma terms and acronyms used in managing Six Sigma projects.

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