Team Building

Team building is a project focused process that builds and develops shared goals, interdependence, trust, commitment and accountability among team members.

Strategies for Balancing Deadlines and Team Management in Q4

How can you plan Q4 to manage your company's deadlines better while also maintaining the momentum and progress of your team?

5 Ways to Utilise Tech to Better Connect Across Projects

A lack of collaboration is among the top reasons projects are delayed and deadlines are missed. Here are 5 ways you can use technology to enhance team collaboration.

6 Advantages of Fostering an Effective Project Team

Good teamwork leads to less time being required for completing projects and to better-managed resources.

Why You Should Stop Making Snap Judgements

Making snap judgements about your co-workers? Snap judgements fulfil a need in us to categorise people in everyday situations, but here's why you should stop labelling people.

6 Easy Ways for Project Managers to Boost Their People Skills

You may be great at your profession. You may have a spectacular list of achievements. But if you lack a few essential soft skills, you won't get too far.

Looking for a Good Project Manager: 5 Tips for Hiring the Right One

Are you looking to hire a new project manager? Brad Egeland has five tips for hiring the best Project Managers for your organisation.

Seven Habits of Failing Managers

Do you recognise any of these traits in yourself or your colleagues? I have met people who do exactly as I describe and, in the process, have damaged their teams and themselves.

How to Build a High-Performance Project Team

What makes a winning project team? Why do some teams achieve greatness while others struggle? Let's look at the factors present on winning project teams.

Building Teamwork

Teamwork isn't something that just happens. The project leader needs to put in the time and effort to build the team and help everyone get along. Here's how.

Project Commitment = Project Success – Part 2

If team participation is so effective, why don't more people do it? Learn two factors that breed commitment and contribute to project success.

Project Commitment = Project Success – Part 1

Team members who understand the project are more committed to making the project successful. To understand is to make sense of what is required of you.

Shaking Things Up on the Project

How do you stop your projects from getting mundane? This article considers how we can change things around and add some excitement to our projects.

Understanding the Perspective of Your Team

Ask five different people what is going on in a project and you'll get five different answers. Understanding where different players are coming from will help you create a cohesive team.

Let's Order Pizza

Let’s talk about rewards and recognition. We all like it, but in what form? And how far should one go to do so? Formal rewards and recognition? Informal?

The Case of the Non Complying Team Member

How to handle a non complying team member swiftly without causing further project disruption. Decisive actions you can take to get the resource back under control.

Are We There Yet?

Three processes to help your project team see how their tasks fit into the whole project puzzle, and what it's going to take to reach a successful destination.

Belbin and Successful Project Teams

Creating successful project teams is a daunting task for project leaders. A good method for matching people to roles is the Belbin Team Inventory Method (BTIM).

How to Avoid Project Burnout

Resources on projects can be susceptible to burning out before the project finishes. Here are a few ideas to prevent burnout in project teams.

The Role of Human Resources: Managing Your Projects

Understanding how to form a team of workers that can meld their talents to bring a large project to a close successfully requires experience, training and ingenuity.

How to Get the Most From Your Project Team

Project management is people management. Here's our reminder of how to make sure you get the most from your project team.

Crash Course: Five Ways to Optimise Your Projects and Resources ASAP

5 ways to optimise your projects and resources quickly and efficiently, to stay ahead of the competition and complete important (and profitable) projects.

Handling Difficult Conversations

How project managers can improve the way they handle difficult and challenging conversations to make themselves more effective.

Hiring for a Competitive Advantage

Making hiring decisions based upon skill or personality alone can only take a business so far. By blending the two, organisations will gain a competitive advantage.

Authority Earned, Not Given

For project managers, the support of their team is critical for completing projects successfully. Yet, a team's respect cannot simply be assigned like a task.

Managing Team Conflict

When teams come together conflict is almost inevitable. Not all conflict is unhealthy. Conflict has the potential to bring out the best in individuals and teams.

Building Sustainable Relationships in Project Teams

Building sustainable and flexible working relationships to create an effective working environment starts with the project team, but does not end there.

Resolving Project Team Conflicts

Conflicts on project teams are a fact of life. Only on rare occasions do conflicts not arise. As project manager you must manage these conflicts.

How Do You Help the Group Reach Consensus When They Simply Don't Agree?

Do you ever feel that you're herding a group of feisty cats instead of leading a meeting because your team members simply can't agree?

How Do You Get Team Members to Come Prepared to the Meeting?

Often meeting attendees don't complete the assignment requested, which drags down the entire group. Before you lead your next meeting, consider these tips.

Don't Just Manage the Plan, Engage Your Team Members!

As project managers, it's tempting to focus entirely on our project plan. But successful execution of your project plan is dependent on your project team.

The Five Stages of Team Development: A Case Study

Every team progresses through five stages of team development. An understanding of these five stages enables a manager to reach a high performing team quickly.

Post Project Resource Evaluation: a Forgotten Contributor to Project Success

Without balanced resource performance evaluations across operational and project performance those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!

How Can I Have Responsibility Without Authority?

How can I get my project team to actually accomplish their tasks on time or even at all, if I have responsibility without authority?

Managing the "Meeting from Hell!"

Have you just finished the meeting from hell and need help? This article explores three common dysfunctional personalities and how to manage them effectively.

Identifying Performance Issues With Your Project Team

Tips to help you identify and deal with performance issues in your project team. Poor performance can be missed deadlines, over budget or poor quality.

Why is People Capability Maturity Model Necessary?

In a competitive global business, recruiting people with technical skills is not enough. On top of their technical skills workers must have the necessary business skills.

Has Your Project Team Considered all the Key Dimensions of the Problem?

A Blue Team is a structured meeting held once or twice during a project, where the project team gives a short presentation on what it considers the key issues.

Putting People Management Back into Project Management

This article focuses on the communication issues within the project team, in particular, the people management aspect.

Recipe for Great Virtual Teamwork: The Right Communications Tools at the Right Time

This article offers some simple guidelines to keep in mind as you assemble a communications plan to make it easy for virtual team members to communicate.

Building the High-Performance Global Workforce

Companies that can work cheaper, faster and better are well positioned to develop and market products and services that give higher value to their customers.

10 Steps to Finding a Project Manager

Hiring a good project manager means you can sit back and relax knowing that the project tasks are being taken care of in a professional, productive and profitable manner.

Discovering Future Performers in Your Team

Browse up on your organisation's competency requirements and set more informed business directions concerning your people.

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Exploiting Feedback to Improve Bottom-Line Performance

Feedback is a management tool that should be considered in every aspect of any business, regardless of industry, employees or customer base.

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Use Your Whole Brain: Leveraging Right-Brained Thinking in a Left-Brained World

For organisations, flexing the right side of the brain can dramatically improve decision making, team building, innovation and organisational performance.

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Getting Work Done: The Human Side of Project Management

Project management is defined as the art and science of getting work done with the active co-operation of individuals and organisations who are directly, or indirectly involved with the project.

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Why Project Managers Should Coach

Coaching is a highly effective management tool and yet, only a small number of project managers adopt a coaching style when supporting their staff.

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Resourcing Project Managers

Ironically, although resourcing production team members is a significant part of a Project Manager's role, very little focus is placed on resourcing the Project Managers themselves.

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The Importance of Working Together With Your Team

The principle of working together with your team should underpin how you operate. Managing people doesn't just mean acting as overseer to see that they get their work done satisfactorily.

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Project Management: What Type of Organisation is Best?

An analysis of the pros and cons of a team (projectized) organisation verses a matrix organisation.

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10 Ways to Inspire Your Team

As a project manager you are in a prime position to inspire your team. Here are ten ways to get you started.

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Project Management Goes Live With Virtual Team Collaboration

Web collaboration technologies enable project management teams to meet virtually with full audio-visual interaction, irrespective of their locations.

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5 Essentials To Project Team Success

Implementing the five essentials for successful teams isn't expensive, doesn't require large amounts of capital or expense money, and doesn't require new bricks and mortar.

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Five Steps to a Winning Project Team

Five simple steps to creating strategic groups for increase efficiency and decrease costs in healthcare.

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Nine Ways to Contribute to Project Team Success

Nine ways you can contribute more effectively to make the projects you work on more successful, regardless of your specific role.

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Building Your Project Team

How should you set about choosing people for your project and forming them into a well functioning project team?

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Stealth Team Building

The effective project manager takes advantage of every opportunity the team gets together to develop team synergy.

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Helping Project Teams Succeed

Project teams will be successful when the right environmental conditions exist; sadly this is not always the case.

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Developing a High Performance Project Team

Everyone wants to be part of a high performance work team, but how would a project manager actually develop one?

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Managing Virtual Project Teams

Our electronic communications may be very slick, but if neither party knows what the other is talking about, you are going nowhere fast.

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Virtual Teaming Soft Skills Relevant to all Projects

Virtual teams are fast becoming the rule rather than the exception, we will all be required to use these skills at some point in our project leadership careers.

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People, Process, and Predicting Project Success

By predicting project success, great people can overcome bad process to deliver a good product.

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Six Ways to Give Proper Project Leadership

Many things influence project management today. Here are six ways to give proper leadership as you are setting up a project team.

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Choosing the Best Team for Your Project

Using human resources during a project requires getting the most effective use of the people involved with the project.