The first step in selecting a good training course for project managers is to understand the role of the project manager as it is today.

5 Ways Online Training Can Help with Talent Management

Recruiting new staff is not a bad idea, but it's not always cost-effective. Some of that money can be spent on making existing employees happy through training and development programmes.

Project Overload: Are You 'Killing' Your Best People?

Experts are vital to your business, but you risk losing them if they become inundated with work. So how can you use their expertise without overloading them?

Spreading the PM Knowledge

Mentoring new project managers as they learn is rewarding. No amount of classroom work can take the place of working alongside an experienced project manager.

Is Project Management Certification Worth It?

Do recognised professional credentials increase your worth in the jobs market? Will the effort of studying to pass the exam improve your career prospects?

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12 Competencies: Which Ones Should Your People Have?

Employees who have the right attitude that translates to the best behaviour are said to be the more competent. Find out why.

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Top 10 Benefits to Earning a Certification

Is it worth putting in all of the work? Consider these 10 benefits of earning a certification, and if you see the benefits for your situation, go for it!

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Project Management Training

Project management is a very specialised and often complex task and requires more training than the average programmer or executive might expect.

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Project Management Courses for Project Team Members

For project team members there are many ways in which they can learn about how projects operate and how they can contribute as team members.

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How to Choose Project Management Training Courses for IT Professionals

How to choose project management training courses for IT professionals when a simple computer course is not going to be enough.

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How to Choose the Best Course to Improve Your Leadership Skills

How can you make sure you invest your training money, time and effort wisely and get the long term results you want?

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Careers in Project Management: Learn to Get the Job Done

Are you an organised leader? Then consider a career in project management. No longer boring, the field offers a chance for you to be a leader in whatever organisation you work for.

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Project Management an Undervalued Skill

Skills of a good project manager, if practised, will improve an individual's capability in almost all disciplines and are every bit as valuable as those of a good CEO.